We Are the Society for Advancement of Criminal Justice!

The Society for Advancement of Criminal Justice is a student run academic society that is affiliated with the School of Criminal Justice at The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, which is one of the premier institutes for legal education in this country.

The principles governing the interplay of criminal laws with the society and its conception of morality form the core of the Society. Considering the perennial importance of law and crime in any civilised society and given the increasing awareness regarding individual and collective human rights, the field of criminal justice has attained greater social significance than ever before. The role of criminal justice interventions in producing safe and just societies cannot be overemphasised upon, and the Society aims at fulfilling its greater responsibility towards the society. It allows future lawyers and lawmakers an opportunity to develop a deeper and more holistic understanding of the criminal justice system and the problems that plague it, so as to allow remedial measures to be taken and mitigation mechanisms to be developed. In doing so, the Society follows an interdisciplinary approach that extends to sociological and jurisprudential aspects of criminal justice, as well as to the non-criminal branches of law. In addition to the socio-legal edge of the Society, it is the contemporaneous relevance of its functioning that serves to raise the interest quotient of this Society, making it one of the most active academic societies in the University.

Under the guidance and support of our esteemed faculty advisors Mr. Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan and Dr. Kavita Singh, the Society has organised various events that have seen the participation of various eminent personalities such as Hon’ble Justice Altamas Kabir, Ms. Liberty Aldrich and Hon’ble Justice Subrata Talukdar, to name a few. The events themselves have ranged from stimulating talks on the ever-present issues pertaining to the gendered nature of crime and restrictions imposed on the freedom of speech and expression to thought provoking talks and panel discussions regarding recent controversies such as the AIB Roast, Charlie Hebdo incident, etc., and the recent amendments to the Juvenile Justice Act. Apart from the organisational responsibilities undertaken by the Society, it has also reviewed two Consultation Papers issued by the Law Commission of India and has conducted a workshop on Child Rights. The Society has always strived to provide a forum for discussion of legal issues in the field of criminal law and continues to provide students and professionals alike, a platform for exploring the vast and varied arenas in the domain of Criminal Justice Advancement.

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